Free For His Eyes Only author Avery Beck – best–

For His Eyes Only Beauty Vs Power A Dangerous Game With The Heart As The PrizeJacey Cass Radiates Confidence And Sensuality Just Once A Year, When She Meets Her Rich And Powerful Lover For A Night Of Anonymous Sex The Rest Of Her Calendar Is Filled With The Daily Struggle To Survive Her Cashier Job At Insomnia, Miami S Hottest Lingerie Shop, Doesn T Go Far Toward College Tuition, But She S Determined To Rise Above Her Mother S Freeloading Legacy.Alex Vaughn Is One Promotion Away From Realizing His Life S Ambition For Years He S Been Forced To Stand By And Watch His Father Systematically Destroy The Values That Made Insomnia Great Now, With An Expected Vacancy In The Summer Catalog, He Takes A Chance He S Never Formally Met The Fascinating Woman He Takes To Bed Every Year, But He Knows A Marketable Body When He Sees One The Last Thing He Expects Is For Her To Turn The Opportunity Down Flat.Jacey Won T Consider A Handout Even From The Man Whose White Hot Caress Is The One Bright Spot Of Her Life Then A Modeling Competition S Prize Money Lures Her From Behind The Register And Into The Blinding Spotlight, Unaware Of What The Cost Could Be To Her Heart

Free For His Eyes Only  author Avery Beck  – best–
  • ebook
  • 210 pages
  • For His Eyes Only
  • Avery Beck
  • English
  • 10 July 2017
  • 9781605046860

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About the Author: Avery Beck

I ve crafted compelling fiction since age five, when I played school with my best friend and sent home a teacher s note that got the poor girl in trouble.It seems natural that my two passions, writing and studying relationships, have found an outlet in the form of romance novels I m fascinated with exploring the something that draws two people together, and I hope to share with my readers the

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    Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed grown up with a freeloading mother who cared for no one but herself, Jacey Cass is determined to make her own way in the world Her job as a sales clerk at a boutique for Insomnia, one of the hottest lingerie companies in the country, is just one step towards a brighter future, including being able to afford college The path she has set for herself means life is all work and no play for Jacey, except once a year At Insomnia s annual black tie soir e, Jacey lets go for one night and has blissful, anonymous sex with the perfect lover, Alex Vaughn.Alex is one step away from taking over Insomnia The only person standing in his way is his father who is refusing to hand over the reins even as the man violates the values Insomnia was built on After his father fires the model for the company s big summer catalog, Alex has a brilliant idea The mysterious woman he meets once a year is the perfect beauty to be the Insomnia cover model What he doesn t expect is for his enigmatic lover to turn him down flat.Jacey will ne...

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    I received this book from Avery a few days ago after winning it from a contest It moved to the top of my pile because I was eager to try her writing since I hadn t before The book is only two hundred pages so it was a fairly quick read, even for me with my hectic schedule and kids running around.I enjoyed the story overall The story line of a beautiful young woman in love with a CEO of the company she works for has been done to death Avery manages to change it up by adding in the element of the lingerie modeling contest, backstabbing side characters and Alex s unsavory father I will say though that Jacey s constant mood swings did get a bit much I wanted to shout at her to just tell Alex how she was feeling instead of regressing into bitch mode so often However, we all know that women can be that way, so I can t fault her for writing the truth The sex scenes and there were a LOT, be forewarned were well thought out and most definitely scorchingly hot There were, however, several lines that I thought if some guy ever said that to me during sex I would bust out laughing and immediately look for my underwear Though I think that at least once in every book I read..probably just me and my twisted ness.If you re looking for a book about personal goals, integrity, enough hot sex to set yourself on fire and the g...

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    I consider myself a fan of romance novels, but there also needs to be a fantastic plot to accompany the erotic elements Unfortunately, the plot to this novel was rather dry for my tastes and the characters were extremely one dimensional The beginning felt as if the author wanted to start the story off with a bang, but instead ended up getting carried away and took far longer than necessary to begin the background info...

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