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Bound by Design He May Bind Her Body, But Can He Bind Her Heart Jenn Spends Her Days Crafting Custom Designed Slave Jewelry, But Wear A Collar Herself No, Thanks Been There, Done That, Burned The T Shirt That Whole Master Slave Scene Was Too Much Of A Roller Coaster Ride Then Scott, An Architect With A Dominant Side, Enters Her Life Something About Him Makes Her Body Come Alive With Longings For Another Taste Of The LifestyleScott S Life Fell Apart When He Tried To Deny His Dominant Tendencies He S Determined To Convince Jenn That Denying Her Submissive Needs Would Be A Big Mistake Her Response Is So Strong, So Sweet, He Finds Himself Falling Again And Falling Apart For The Smart And Sexy SubSuddenly, Something He Thought He D Never Have Seems Within Reach A Forever Love Tied Up In A Nice Leather Bow But Any Mention Of Sends Jenn Flying Away In Panic If Any Real Healing Is To Take Place, He Ll Need To Take A Giant Step Back And Design A New Approach Using Ropes, Chains And A Whole Lot Of Trust

Free Download Bound by Design  by Natasha Moore  – best–
  • ebook
  • 63 pages
  • Bound by Design
  • Natasha Moore
  • English
  • 21 September 2017
  • 9781605047591

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About the Author: Natasha Moore

Natasha Moore fell in love with the written word as soon as she could read She s the author of than twenty romances, and believes that stories of love and hope are important Love can happen at any age and she often writes about vibrant and passionate characters finding love later in life She s a snowbird, spending the winters in sunny Florida, and the rest of the year in beautiful western

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    Full review at Delighted ReaderI bought this book about two years ago I read it and didn t think much about it Recently my Kindle Fire came and the carousel loaded up with each one of my books and this one caught my eye I remembered it as soon as I started re reading it, mostly because it is a short book.Jenn is a submissive at heart, but after a particularly brutal relationship while she was in college, she has vowed to stay away from the BDSM world Having lost herself, she now designs erotic jewelry, particularly collars for slaves Her vibrator is always on hand, but she never intends to embrace BDSM again.Scott is new in town, but is introduced to Jenn through mutual friends at their housewarming party His life fell apart after he revealed he was a dominant male to his fianc Leaving town, he vows to always be honest to his dominant side and never hide it from a woman he might be interested in.When these two meet at the house warming party, instant sparks fly But when Scott pushes his advances as a Dom, Jenn pulls back but can t pull back entirely It scares her to fall again into the BDSM world, afraid she will once again lose herself and become the doormat she once was Scott will need to show her the true meaning of a Master Slave relationship and begin to build her trust in herself and in him.The story is fairly short and takes place within a 24 hours window A little unbelievable that the two will fall so hard as they do Jenn has a lot of trust issues and needs the strength, gentleness and firmness that Scott can offer But 24 hours just isn t enough time to say these two are a couple They do agree on a relationship, so no they don t end it like a great love affair.There are two reasons I couldn t give it a higher rating One is the quickness mentioned above and the other was the automatic jump into a Master slave relationship Master slave implies the slave has no rights Most relationships are Dominant submissive, which is what this story felt like to me That may sound simple, but in all the stories I have read this is my understanding I usually don t like Master slave relationships because I don t believe in slavery D s implies there are choices Ok, enough of the BDSM talk this just felt like D s than M s.For a BDSM story, it is very well written I would suggest it if BDSM books are of interest to you.

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    I struggled quite a bit with how to rank this, but finally settled on three stars.I really love the story of a sub hurt by her past finding a considerate Dom that wins her over.However there are a couple of things that doesn t work if she s so shy of men and being bound, then why would she not only follow him home the first time they meet but also allows herself to be tied It doesn t fit with the character described.The other thing that bothered me was that the dialog doesn t work Ms Moore can t have vocalized it or she would have noticed.It s a bit sad that such a strong story didn t get a better polish The story deserves five stars, but I just can t give it that.

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    3.5 really This is a very short story however it s pretty good I did find it kind of awkward that she s had a bad experience and then, pretty much instantly, she trusts Scott However as a short novel I know some things get sacrified and overall I enjoyed the read

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    BDSM lite, that was tedious than erotic The headhopping was a drawback for me, too.

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    I Really Liked this one The personal conflict was very intense.

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    Loved this little short story wish it was longer I was a sweet depiction of an alternate lifestyle Ms Moore did this well.

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