Free Download A Mistletoe Kiss By Katie M. John – best–

A Mistletoe Kiss A SWEET CHRISTMAS ROMANCE TO WARM YOUR HEART High School Dating, Prom Committees, And The Popularity Ladder Are All Hard Enough To Navigate When You Re Sixteen Years Old, But Throw In Some Funky Autism And General Geekdom And The Game Of Life Plays To A Whole Different Set Of Rules Lara Has Never Quite Found Her Place, That Was Until She Began Volunteering At The Local Animal Rescue Shelter But With Christmas Approaching, The Shelter Faces Its Hardest Winter Yet And It Might Be That Both Lara And The Collection Of Abandoned Animals Find Themselves With Nowhere To Call Home And If That Wasn T Anxiety Inducing Enough, The Winter Prom Is Just Around The Corner And Lara Finds Herself Suddenly With A Prom Date She Has No Idea What To Do With Even Though She S Dedicated Quite A Bit Of Time Studying The Perfect High School Romance Between The Beautiful Madison Green And Drop Dead Gorgeous Mason Jonas But A Girl Like Lara Could Never Get A Boy Like Mason Jonas, Could She NOTES % Of The Profits From All Sales And Downloads Of This Christmas Romance Novella Are Going Towards An Autism And Girls Project Providing Educational Material, Research And Sensory Resources To Schools In The Authors Local Community

Free Download A Mistletoe Kiss  By Katie M. John  – best–
  • Kindle Edition
  • 70 pages
  • A Mistletoe Kiss
  • Katie M. John
  • 07 July 2018

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About the Author: Katie M. John and a dark, Gothic paranormal detective novel called Beautiful Freaks She has a love of writing weird and wonderful short stories and can be found visiting writer friends anthology collections Katie likes to keep it varied and pinning her down to a particular style or genre is hard she mainly writes for YA and NA, and in the Dark Fairy Tale Genre However she also dabbles in adult works of horror and issue focused work Katie often draws on her ten year experience of teaching in a London Comprehensive school in her work Katie

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    3 stars, and a little on the weaker side I liked this, but I liked having an atypical heroine Not just geeky, but autistic and socially anxious I found Lara really likeable and not just because I was predisposed to because of her name And the story wasn t so much of a romance as it was a girl trying to figure out teenage life I really wish we d had time to go through that with her it is only 70 pages, after all There were enough story threads that would have made for a really good full YA novel.Mason I guess the H was a little bit of a nonentity, partially because of Lara s viewpoint, and partially because of the writing I really wish we d seen a little of him from Lara s view, to make the ending a little satisfying.My biggest complaint was with the writing While overall it was a cute story, there were several things that were lacking irritating The ending was a bit abrupt I d love to have had a little post Prom Like I said, the ending was a bit weak and it would ve been nice to have had a little As for the irritating things where was this supposed to have taken place It talks about States and soccer, so one assumes US, but there were some very British terms used that were jarring US kids use backpacks, not rucksacks, for example rucksacks are much bigger packs to us, like what soldiers use on ruck marches And we have coolers, not cool boxes It s parlor, not parlour And I ve never heard an American say someone is sat eating the way a couple people did in this story Looking it up that s a UK usage from the area where the author grew up Biggest one was right off the bat though No American kid collects rubbers unless they re really, really weird Those are condoms in US jargon I have no issue at all with writing a story someplace you ve never been how else would we get fantasy, for example But make sure you re familiar with terms and slang because it is very jarring when things don t fit And in this case, it wasn t necessary the story would have worked just as well set in the UK where the author could have written natural sounding characters.So, a cute story nice and light holiday read And a good intention behind it, too I think it might have left of an impact about autism is the story was a little developed maybe built into a full novel enough time to draw in the reader to really connect with Lara and if the reader wasn t distracted by incorrect slang or terms.

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