Read Battle Angel Alita by Yukito Kishiro – best–

Battle Angel Alita This Deluxe Volume Includes Four Classic Battle Angel Alita Stories Never Before Published In English, Plus Special Bonus Material At Long Last, Complete Your Alita Collection This Volume Contains Four Manga Short Stories By Alita Creator Yukito Kishiro, First Published In Japan From 1997 To 2006 Holy Night Supersonic Fingers Homecoming Barjack Rhapsody Plus Exclusive Bonus Material

Read Battle Angel Alita  by Yukito Kishiro  – best–
  • Kindle Edition
  • Battle Angel Alita
  • Yukito Kishiro
  • English
  • 08 February 2017

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About the Author: Yukito Kishiro

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Battle Angel Alita book, this is one of the most wanted Yukito Kishiro author readers around the world.

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    You can find my review on my blog by clicking here.To encapsulate the classic cyberpunk series, Kodansha Comics has been releasing the original Battle Angel Alita story line in five beautiful hardcover deluxe editions throughout the year The latest volume brings joy to fans with a special edition that comes complete their collection with four short stories that have never been published in English before, all set at different moments within the original series universe Offering fans the opportunity to explore various characters and events, these stories procure a very nostalgic and comforting experience into a beloved series Holy Night is an origin story of cyberphysician Daisuke Ido before he meets Alita in the Scrapyard While having difficulties doing operations on cyborgs, he finds himself on an identity quest to understand what he wants to do in his life As if destiny had already set him on a course towards answers, he finds himself in a touching and tragic tale with a peculiar young lady who will lead him to find his way in life Sonic Finger is...

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    Dans les ann es 90, si tu tais un lecteur de manga, il n y avait pas beaucoup de manga culte lire Dragon Ball, Kenshin et Akira taient pas mal la base que tout le monde se procurait Cependant, plusieurs personnes, comme moi, avait mis la main sur Gunm Un seinen hors de l ordinaire qui rassemblait toutes les bonne chose d un bon manga et surtout d un manga diff rent J ai d j fait la critique donc je ne m terniserai pas la dessus Mais pour faire court, ce manga est un must lire et j en aurais pris plus Par contre, la suite Gunm Last Order tait tellement d cal que j en ai eu l impression que l auteur avait perdu le petit quelque chose qui faisait de cette s rie un must Pour tre franc, je n ai pas aim Gunm Last Order, j ai m me abandonn en court de route et j ai vendu ma collection, les seul volume que j ai gard sont les 2 derniers car ils se rapprochent beaucoup de la s rie original, comme une alternate extended ending Encore l , ce n tait pas tant meilleur et l auteur retombait encore dans ses d faut de Last Order explication qui fini pu, technobable incompr hensible et un manque d me Mais quand j ai appris que l auteur avait produit des histoires courtes aux alentour de la production originale, j ai imm diatement saut sur la chance de pouvoir lire ces histoire avec le reprint tant attendu de Gunm Other Stories Voici donc ce que j en ai pens.Ce livre contient 4 histoires La premi re Chant de N...

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    My journey through the world of Battle Angel isn t quite up yet Also recently published is the collection Holy Night and Other Stories Largely composed of side stories, Alita herself only stars in two of these stories And one of those is like a cameo This is the first time these gaiden stories are officially available in English Most of the book is composed of Holy Night, a prequel story about Ido Set over a period of a year, beginning and ending at Christmas time, it follows the surgeon discovering his craft and forming a romance with a strange, child like girl he finds on the street It s interesting to see a cynical Ido and the story is fittingly sweet, with the kind of heart breaking ending Kishiro is really good at And, because this is still Battle Angel, there s some extremely gruesome violence springing up out of nowhere The next story, Supersonic Fingers, is set between the second and third Deluxe Editions In it, post Motorball Alita and a motley crew of Hunter Warriors come into conflict with an assassin that kills by tossing ball bearings at supersonic speeds It s a solid enough little story t...

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    When I heard they are going to published for English readers four short stories that revolves around the Alita s universe Reading these four stories is a good companion to the original stories.

    In Holy Night, this is a prequel short story before Doc Ido discovered Alita s body Before he opens a shop in the Scrapyard, he was an exiled citizen of Zalem There, he saved a girl who has no ability to speak that turn into a love interest But this girl has a past that will lead to his ability to earn his living and before the events of the first volume In Sonic Finger, we learn about Alita and her hunter friends after the events of volume 4 An infamous wanted killer known as Sonic Fingers wants a challenge with Alita Hometown is a story without words following a Deckerman, on his journey to a place that it might call home Last but not least, Barjack Rhapsody took place after the events of the fall of Den and Barjack where Koyomi, lost in the midst of these events have heard the return of Den, when he was sighted That leads Koyomi to discover the truth about Den and how it leads her to her career as a journalist.

    This ...

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    This is a collection of stories that happen during gaps in the original manga series Written later than the first series, they have an odd feel to them, as the writer was just coming back to the Alita universe when these stories began The title story, Holy Night, was probably the most tightly tied to the series, as it gives a little detail to the back story of the cyberdoc who found Alita and restored her Still, after reading this and seeing the movie, I ve decided that he just had an obsession with the name Alita, since the story character was apparently his THIRD use of the name The other stories, including the one from which the cover illustration is taken, are dark and somewhat depressing, but that s not out of keeping with the ...

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    This was a great series of side stories, some of which feature much needed background or extra character development for some of the other major characters in the Battle Angel series Each one was good and up to the high standard of Mr Kishiro s work Highly recommended for fans of the series

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    The art is top notch, as always, but Kishiro really distinguishes himself as a writer with these stories 10 10 W ould read again.

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    This entire book is worth it just to see Alita in sports clothes.

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    Finally translated into English, these side stories are a fun and thrilling look into the world of Battle Angel.

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