Best The Choice by Tanya R. Simon – best–

The Choice This Edition Is No Longer Available For Purchase What S A Good Girl To Do When She Discovers Satan Is Her Grandfather There Has Only Ever Been One Real War Between Good And Evil All The Rest, Have Just Been Distraction And Delusion Satan Started The War, When He And All Who Fought With Him Sought To Oust God And Put Satan On The Throne From The Moment He Fell From Heaven He Has Been Plotting And Battling To Return And Take Over Heaven This Time He Plans On Winning, No Matter What The Cost Mystery Williams Is A College Student With Big Dreams And No Clue That From Her First Breath She Has Been Satan S Most Desired Prize For This Battle Then One Night Her Father Is Killed And Her World Implodes The Protection Spell That Had Been Keeping Her Hidden And Her Powers Bound Comes Crashing Down And So Does Everything She Believes In Mystery Tries Do What She Knows In Her Heart To Be Right She Teams Up With Those Who Are Fighting Against Satan She Uses Her Newfound Powers To Wage War Against The Forces Of Darkness Her Choice Seems So Easy Until Mystery Discovers Satan Is Her Grandfather And His Followers, The Roodmasi Have Kidnapped Her Son Whispers Tell Her If She Just Comes Back To The Roodmasi, She Can Be With Her Son And Her People The World Will Go On As It Has For Millennia Everything But Her Heart Knows This Is A Lie According To Prophecy, If Mystery Stays With Good And Fights, Satan Will Not Be Able To Ascend If She Does Not Go To The Roodmasi, They Will Kill Her To Prevent Her Turning Against Them And Ruining Their Plans, And They Will Kill Her Son If Mystery Goes To Them And They Have Been Lying To Her About The Fate Of Humankind, She Will Set In Motion The Events That Will Plunge The World Into Permanent Darkness The Balance Of This Battle Hangs On Mystery S Choice

Best The Choice  by Tanya R. Simon  – best–
  • Paperback
  • 502 pages
  • The Choice
  • Tanya R. Simon
  • English
  • 09 November 2017

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About the Author: Tanya R. Simon

Born in Denver, CO, Tanya has lived all over the country as the result of a wandering and restless soul.Tanya was first published at age 13, and has been hungry for writing ever since Tanya loves all things in the horror genre, however she struggles with the boring, but overly accepted concept that good must always triumph over evil For in life it goes either way as evident by, well, life She j

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    Took a day or so for the thrill of the story to ease up enough I could actually write this.The Choice is a thrilling, tumbling, fun story that tackles one of the biggest questions in almost every religion What will happen with God and Satan meet Though, it is not a direct confrontation, that battle lies at the core of this tumultuous journey.While I typically avoid most work that even approaches religious territory, once I had started this one, I could not put it down I was hooked clear up to the fisherman who had cast her line in the waters.Fast paced, exciting, and tightly woven, this story takes you through wonderful highs and some very deep lows It also does a wonderful job of keeping you guessing about the final outcome Oh, sure, you just KNOW it has to be the good guys But, are you right Or are you wrong And, who are the good guys in the first place Presented in modern day USA, the setting for the story has a luster and depth often missing from darker stories I won t call it horror though there is some elements of that, nor will I call it romance though there are elements of that Might call it a religious thriller, though it would probably not appeal to most religious readers, and a...

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    I think people who like Clegg, Dana Reed, Mary Ann Mitchell, etc will truly enjoy this book Yes, I reviewed my own book, if I don t like my writing, then you wouldn t want to read it These are some of my favorite authors and when I was done, I thought The Choice, would fit in well with them Enjoy

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