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One Fine Day Verily, With Every Difficulty, There Is A Relief It Is A Beautiful Sunny Day She Sits On One Of The Benches In Treasury Garden At Exactly The Same Time, Every Day He Could Not Help But Wonder About The Look In Her Eyes, Filled With Sadness Almost Dark And Bleak.She Is Zahra Just When She Thinks Her World Crumbles, She Meets Aryan.Fascinated With Each Other, He Brings Her Out Of Misery Into His Own Understanding Of Love And HappinessHappiness Is Not Something We Define By With Whom We Re With Happiness Is When We See Those Whom We Love Happy And So With Him, She Finds It Again Her Happiness It Doesn T Last Long, Though Because Again She Is Tested With Difficulty.Love Isn T Always Patient Sometimes We Get Short, Brusque, Or Frustrated With The People We Love The Most Love Is, However, Doing Our Best To See The People We Care About With Compassion And Understanding This Is The Story Of Zahra And Aryan, One About Love, Pain And Happiness Regained For There Will Be A Relief With Every Difficulty, Will They Be Able To Withstand The Test Of Time

Download One Fine Day  By Rodier  – best–
  • 377 pages
  • One Fine Day
  • Rodier
  • English
  • 07 November 2017

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About the Author: Rodier

RodieR is a pharmacist who sees writing as a huge passion She collects poems and quotes and loves travelling She has published two Malay novels with Jemari Seni and has built her own group of readers One fine day she hopes she can share her stories with the world.

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    One Fine Day First and foremost, millions thanks to JS Story Jemari Seni for their courage and risk taking in their effort to publish a fully English language novel Standing ovation for them Please support them by buying this book Finally, an English novel written by Malay novelist,published by local publisher And indeed, an English title novel with English language story Heh This is the 3rd novel by RodieR, her 1st in English language novel For me personally, I just loved her English, be it in Nyanyian Hati, Cooper K and of course in One Fine Day.The way she described Melbourne in OFD makes me want to book a ticket,pack my luggage and go Beautifully written in every detail of the places the characters went.Zahra Alias,A lady with painful lost Escaped her lost by leaving behind her friends without a word Someone who bottled up all her pain, leaving her lost in her own painful world Aryan Yusuf Khan,Not SRK,mind you A hero who saved a damsel in distress in his own way A cheerful person whose word of wisdom helped a certain lady back to her old self.Zahra Aryan,Fate brought them together She who sat at the bench and stared at a tree in front of her He who watched her routine everyday without even knowing her name Curiousity of her absence one day made him approach her and the rest is well, history Buy and read it yourself to know about their journey in finding themselves and importantly, finding each other What I love about OFD is in ea...

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    A beautiful story with beautiful characters surrounded by beautiful background LOVE IT Biasalah buku Rodier Kalau tak mengundang air mata, bukan buku dia la namanya I like the story Maybe because it is written in English, the storyline is different as well This story is about the culture of a country other than ours Which is that Please read to find out I also like how the author expressed some random opinion of the issues happening in and outside the country Though not much, still an eye opener The background of the story is Australia I absolutely love how the author describes each and every place that Zahra visited It made me wants to pack my bags and leave for Australia there and then Really The descriptions were very meticulous that my imaginations run wild In fact, the mind is mapping my future journey as I m typing this review.The girl A broken hearted girl who escapes to Australia in the hope to find solace Little did she know, it was a right decision until certain obstacle happens but thank goodness, was finally able to overcome Along the road to find solace, she found much much and for that she became a different and stronger person Unlike the person she was when she left Malaysia The guy a wonderful guy who falls hard for this one tree staring girl He, who stood by her during her worst of time, cheered her up, lifted her spirit, shaped her into a better person view spoiler but alas perfect as he is, he was also the one who brok...

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    Buku ini bukan sahaja tajuknya dalam bahasa Inggeris, bahkan ceritanya juga ditulis dalam bahasa Inggeris yang ditulis oleh orang Melayu selalu tertipu tgk tajuk Inggeris, rupanya buku Melayu Tabik kat Rodier bukan nama sebenar, nama sebenar penulis rahsiakan Setelah berzaman juga tidak membaca buku Inggeris, akhirnya buku ini menjadi pilihan untuk saya membacanya Buku ini memang menarik sangat buat saya kerana ia buku Inggeris yang tiada adegan yang tidak sepatutnya.Buku ini mengesahkan tentang Zahra yang mengikut abangnya Adam yang tinggal di Melbourne setelah kedua ibubapanya meninggal dunia dalam satu kemalangan jalan raya ketika mahu mengambil dia yang balik dari bercuti.Kehilangan kedua ibubapanya membuatkan Zahra dalam keadaan murung yang amat Setiap hari beliau akan ke sebuah taman lupa pula namanya tp mmg saya google tempatnya Memang cantik sambil merenung ke arah deretan pokok2 yang berada di situ Tanpa pengetahuannya, beliau telah diintai oleh seorang jejaka bernama Aryan.Ary...

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    For the first piece of english writing from RodieR, I give 3.5 I like it very much I cried a little Finishing this beautiful story of two loving person, Aryan and Zahra Snuggled it close to me then fell asleep afterward.Eventhough I m reading an english piece, why did I feel as if reading malay sentencesthis is not a question to be answered.However the whole nuance of love is there You did it Yeah Sinopsis review One fine day, I lost my way, I stumbled and fell, To place where it seem bottomless, A place where pain seemed to have no cure One fine day, You saw me, As I stared into nothingness, And what felt like emptiness, Slowly filled up again, As you showed me the way, Back where I should be, And one fine day, We became friendsBut, one fine day, My heart broke, But I was stronger, For you thought me what happiness means, Sorry not, my dear, Through my tears, I ll find my joy againOne fine day, We started as friends, Dare I hope, We end as friends too Because one fine day, I found you, And that was the day, I found my way again, Thanks to you, And I really don t want to lose youSome roads are meant to be untrav...

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    This book generally has been a good read for me I totally adore the fact that it was set wholly in Australia, one of the places I d like to visit and not to mention the fact that I m a fan of one of the Aussie s soaps Home and Away though the book was set in Melbourne, not Summer Bay, about north of Sydney The tick points in this book, I must say, would be the fact that the author had done a massive brilliant job in taking the readers on a journey through the different parts of Melbourne the Werribee Zoo, Sovereign Hill and etc It was as if I could imagine the sceneries described Another best thing about this book is that it tells and covers quite a lot about culture and religion difference such as the good old Pakistani s tradition of fixing their children off when they were only young and the several light talks that Zahra, Aryan and Regina had about Islam, Muslims in a foreign country and etc Put that aside, I also think that it would be interesting if the book covers a whole lot about the Muslims community, there in Melbourne.But all in all, reading this has been a great enjoyment I do...

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    I love this book Kenapa Sebab cerita ni berlatarbelakangkan luarnegara Jadinya, daya imaginasi saya dapat digunakan semaksima mungkin HahahaWalaupun ada a few grammar mistakes here and there, tapi I close one eye sebab cerita dia best I was sobbing when readi...

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    best sangat terasa turut sama mengembara bersama zahra dan aryan ke tempat2 yang best dekat sana with every difficulty, there is a relief.Yang ni sangat melekat dekat hati.all the best buat penulis dan smoga terus menghasilkan lagi banyak karya bermanfaat especially dalam bahasa inggeris.

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    congratulations for author and publisher for publishing a fully English book and I must say, a good one tooI was searching for this book everywhere actually, since I have all of RodieR book except one fine day, and lucky me I found it at Popular Bukit Raja and the best part ada diskaun the expectation excited the real comment love the story of Aryan and Za...

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    With very difficulty, there is a relief Verses from Al quran keep repeating in this novel.Terkesan dalam hati, dengan keadaan yang kalut sekarang It sort console and give hope to me a lil bit.Different from any novel, Zahra and Aryan not the usual story told to us by many writers.Aryan that seems a positive person in helping Zahra finding her ways ...

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    forever stuck with this book she has everything and yet she s complaining how miserable her life is mon 22.09.2014count your blessings not your problems

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