Free The Last Sunset author Osaama Shehzad – best–

The Last SunsetAll Dali Salazaar Ever Wanted Was To Write His Own Destiny When He Escapes His Foster Home, Fate Reveals To Him The Brutal Secrets Of His Past, But He Makes Peace With Them And Forges On A New Life And Even A Chance At Love Await Him Until A Tragic Event Rips Away His Only Happiness, Shaping Him Into A Silent Predator Who Hunts The Evils Of Society Four Years Have Gone By In Grief And Secrecy To Right Another Wrong, Dali Is On His Way To Pakistan, Unaware That A Violent And Vengeful Confrontation Awaits Him That The Events Of The Past Have Had A Profound Effect On Another Man, Who Has Spent Years Hunting Dali To Avenge His Sister S Murder

Free The Last Sunset author Osaama Shehzad  – best–
  • Kindle Edition
  • 97 pages
  • The Last Sunset
  • Osaama Shehzad
  • English
  • 19 March 2017

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About the Author: Osaama Shehzad

Osaama Shehzad, a young dreamer and avid food lover from Pakistan, discovered his talents in the sacred art of writing during his gap year after high school graduation Now he is proud of himself to go to college with one perk that others won t have to show off the title of author He loves to focus on the moral lessons, that shape people into what they become, in his writings because he believes

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    Starting to read the novella while I was half awake, I never thought this first book written by a friend would prove to be such a tremendous success As I kept reading through the pages, I sunk in the beauty of presentation just like I would while reading any other novel of a veteran author The reader seems to experience all he is construing and prefers to read on regardless of his environment.The Last Sunset is one of its kind It depicts the true face of this world, from which we all have many expectations While we plan our next move considering our circumstances, something unexpected always happens, leaving us in a state of perplexity and disorientation Likewise, Dali, having escaped a foster home, plans to start a new life A life with the destiny written by him and not dictated by someone But just as he escapes his hell , he is confronted by something unexpected Something that changes his life, takes him to his true love, and reunites him with his family Then, all of a sudden, a series of change of events take them away from him in a matter of time This is what the world really is This is how Nature plays every person and checks how he performs in the selected arena Most of us break in the process, while those who win are immediately confronted with another situation But unlike most of us, Dali is strong, and still thanks Nature for all it has granted Instead of dying of the grief of hi...

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    It was AWSOME though it slightly resembled harry potter It was one hell of a novel, it was like it was all actually happening inside my head, I could actually imagine picturise all of this happeningthe words were taking shape into reality I must say this book deserves recognition, it should ve been a bestseller or something The BEST mos...

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    The last Sunset is, I say, one tremendous success on the part of the author, Osaama Bin Shehzad, who has managed to not only present the ideas in his mind with eloquence and order, but has also been effective in putting forth a true picture portraying the present day evils and vices plaguing the peace of a typical third world country Ranging somewhere between metafiction and realistic fiction, The Last Sunset is indeed a piece of work to be reckoned with.Based on the life of a lonely, intimidating and, one must say, abhorrently attractive character, the story stretches on its marks to orderly uncover a series of events, all of which have significantly played a role in bringing about Dali s current situation, through a complex fusion of past and present, which without proper perception and insight would have completely ended up in a jumbled mess of confusion and misunderstanding It reflects on how a once guiltless teenager is pushed to the limit by ignorance and misfortune in his life, each setback and tragedy jacketing him in yet another layer of impenetrable hatred and distrust toward the world It shows us how extremely wary and guarded all his emotions are, and how afraid he is to unleash any feeling of love or happiness toward something i...

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    This isn t usually my go to genre, but it was written by a very good friend of mine, so of course I had to pick up a copy And I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of work.The structure switching between past and present was very masterfully done, in my opinion Occasionally I had a bit of confusion over which timeline I was in, but always it was quickly resolved, and I think that the particular way Shehzad chose to divide the scenes gave the story a beautiful flow He also weaves in some insightful commentaries on morality and human nature, and while sometimes it grated on me when these would take the form of a character s speech in the style of Ray Bradbury s Fahrenheit 451, a book I ve always hated , in general I thought they were a nice touch against the morally gray world created and inhabited by these characters.Dali is an enigmatic main character Even now, a few days after finishing the novella, I can t quite decide how I feel about him, which I think is kind of a good thing in the circumstances I also really liked the character of Alyaan, and hope to hear about his backstory, which was only briefly hinted at in this installment Along those lines, I was left with than a few questions, feeling like I wanted to know about certain events, but I ve been promised that said information will be forthcoming in the sequel, which only makes me interested in reading it So in that sense, Shehzad has done his job well.Something about the ending did bother me h...

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    The finesse with which this book is written kept me engaged till the last word This beautiful amalgamation of drama, suspense and a singular storyline has an ineffable uniqueness to it that you won t regret coming across with I have a heart solid as rock, but this sweet journey melted my heart ef...

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    The author asked me to read this and give an honest review The writing was good, for the first half of the book I felt like I was reading 3 books then they all started to come together and make sense The book was full of bits of wisdom There was plenty to think about.

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    This is a must read This author did an amazing job on his first book

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    So I read your book Very well written I mean from the first time writer it s an amazing book to have Pros The book kept me busy throughout Like I wanted to find out what s going to happen How are the two or three stories related Good transition from past to present to past to present In the mid, I was confused within the names But it was a good confusion that you would like to fall for As there is at many places in Harry Potter I loved the quote about the waiter that you wrote Logically simple yet elegantly written The titles throughout the book were nicely written Quite descriptive Like describing the whole scene Like Dan Brown s novels I love descriptions Help you imagine the whole scene Overall I really liked the book Though throughout I was trying to hate it I have a problem of criticizing But to my surprise, it was great The plot was quite good.Criticism So Descriptions are good But at many places it s overly descriptive Since you know how Dumbledore spoke , so at many places I felt you ve tried to immitate him through wise words Havent you But it becomes redundant if you try to describe everything Like grief is. tragedy is. love is. revenge is. too much how ___ is which leads you to ___ This made me to skip through the lines...

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    This THIS BOOK IS BEYOND AWESOME This was a very short read but you can t really expect something substantial from a beginner BUT Even though this was short I can say without any doubt the writer had done an impeccable GREAT job in building up this story And needless to say this book should go big and get its fame as it really deserves And I mean it when I say this book deserves recognition It s a potentially exciting thing to know how the writer managed to make up the characters with such sorrow and their remorse Their pasts, regrets Road to redemption Anger and vengeance How it can mentally destroy em You get really attached and feel for the characters in this story Philosophically, IT WAS GREAT, yeah The way this guy described all of these situations the reader gets so devoted that you get all sort of the feelings I LOVED IT I really did And a few thoughts on the writer, this guy had just made his way to Perfection It s his first ever book And I believe in him he can do something which is far b...

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    I don t know where to start from, I am emotionally very connected to this book so my review my come off as being a little biased First I would like to congratulate the author and my best friend Osama Shehzad for this amazing accomplishment He is younger than me and MashaAllah he has become an almost professional writer I couldn t be proud of anyone as I am of him The book is a roller coaster ride of varying emotions and feelings I could not take my eyes off of the book because the curiosity of what was going to happen next never left me for a second The portrayal of our society sadly was very much to the point and true For me the most amazing part was the description of each character and the finesse with which he described each emotion Dali was going through From the first word to the last I was completely hooked to the book, even during my headache and watering eyes I couldn t put the book down My most favourite part was when the author described ...

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