Free On a Cross and Arrow author Conner Cogwork – best–

On a Cross and Arrow Twilight And Her Five Friends Are Transported During A Botched Spell, Across Dimensions To Ponyville, Equestria But Not The Same One That They Knew Sitting On A Bench Is Harpsy And Babar The Doctoress Avoids Apples From An Aspiring Applebuck And In A Library Across Town, Six Stallions Join Their Forces As They Try To Decipher The Appearance Of Filly Look Alikes Of Themselves Around Ponyville

Free On a Cross and Arrow  author Conner Cogwork  – best–
  • ebook
  • 316 pages
  • On a Cross and Arrow
  • Conner Cogwork
  • English
  • 27 May 2018

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About the Author: Conner Cogwork

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    Rule 63 of the Internet For every given male character, there is a female version of that character.For every given female character, there is a male version of that character.This is the classic example of that adage from the My Little Pony fandom The basic plot is pretty straightforward the Mane Six are stuck in a parallel universe where there are gender flipped versions of everyone from their home universe, and they re stuck there for a while until Twilight can get them back.The plot s not where this story really shines, though This story does a great job with the characters, who each have a unique reaction to the situation they find themselves in and their counterparts when they meet them both mare and stallion There are no villains in this story and that s a ...

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