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Duke of Devonwood ( Bachelors of the British Nobility , #1) The Duke Of Devonwood The First Contemporary Romance Novel In The Series British Nobility BachelorsAn OutrageMiranda S Father Has Left Her Inheritance Under The Trusteeship Of A Duke Of England Miranda Can Scarcely Comprehend What Happened Did Her Father Not Realize This Is The Twenty First Century She Is Certainly Capable Of Managing Her Own Money More Importantly, She Needs That Money To Start The Hat Business She S Always Dreamed Of, And To Keep Her Family Together.Worst Of All, The Duke Of Devonwood Is An Imperious, Modern Day Tycoon Who Insists He Can Manage Her Money Better Than She Can A HeartbreakerIf Miranda Can T Prove Herself Indispensable To Her Step Family, They Will Desert Her When They Complete Their Planned Move To England She Can T Let That Happen, Not Only Because She Loves Them, But Also Because They Are The Only Family She Has A PlanShe S Not About To Sit Home In New York City And Let Some Arrogant Duke Tell Her What She Can Do With Her Own Money Luckily, She S Determined, Hard Working, And Maybe A Touch Devious She Vows To Do Whatever It Takes To Foil The DukeWhich May Include Skinny Dipping, Flirting With His Half Brother, Faking Illness, And Befriending His Half Sisters.Which Can Not Include Falling In Love.A ComplicationThe Duke Of Devonwood Doesn T Want Dependents With An Entire Dukedom To Run, Plus His Father S Second Family To Manage, He Has Than Enough People Hanging On His Coattails But This Headstrong American Woman, Miranda, Doesn T Take No For An Answer In Fact, She Soon Has Most Of His Other Dependents Conniving With Her And Against Him.He Could Handle The Problemif Only She Weren T So Enticing.Additional ComplicationsThe Duke S Step Mother Already Has A Bride Picked Out For Him.Someone May Be Stealing Miranda S Inheritance.The Duke Has His Own Secrets.And The Biggest Problem They Each Faceis Battling Their Own Desires.

Free Download Duke of Devonwood ( Bachelors of the British Nobility , #1)  author Carly Carson  – best–
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  • Duke of Devonwood ( Bachelors of the British Nobility , #1)
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  • 09 August 2018

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About the Author: Carly Carson

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Duke of Devonwood ( Bachelors of the British Nobility , #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Carly Carson author readers around the world.

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    Carly CarsonSexy dukes aplenty, in this charming contemporary historical romance A strong willed and stubborn American girl flies to England to DUKE it out with her old cheapskate trustee, who is actually a sexy and yummy Duke of Devonwood.Miranda Foxglove has always felt like the add on of her family Her stepmother, Sharmie, and her twin daughters are all family she has, after her Father s death Her dad has Alzheimer s and it took 6 long years of expensive medical care, but Sharmie was always at his side or raising her daughters Some folks think Mrs Sharmie Foxglove was flighty and was only something pretty to look at, but she is a fierce mother cub, when she needed to be After the idiot attorney, Daniel Hascombe, tells them that all their money is tied up in a trust, Miranda will do anything to get the money for Sharmie wedding to Pookie yes, that is his name If she and Sharmie have to do to England to do it and smooch up a old crusty duke to do it, she has her passport.Devon Percy Arlington, the 9th Duke of Devonwood, has one word that rules is life, CONTROL He has been in charge of the title, prope...

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    Duke of Devonwood, Carly Carlson.Review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews I was in the mood for a fun, uncomplicated romance and this book delivered Its not one I d re read, but was perfect for the mood I was in, being something easy, light hearted and with enough content to lose myself in for a couple of hours Miranda, her dad s died leaving his widow her step mother with twins that need providing for The inheritance is all tied up in probate, and the solicitor tells them the executor they need to see to release funds is the Duke of Devonshire So Miranda s plan A comes into play she needs money to get her hat making business off the ground, so she can afford to visit England frequently to see step mum Sharmie and her two sisters Sharmie wants the money to pay for her wedding, though her fianc , a wealthy English Duke, is happy to provide she wants the independence to pay for that herself Plan A, travel from New York to England with Sharmie, and get the duke to release money to them, then Sharmie can visit her fianc Simple, no There the first hiccup appears in the form of the forbidding, controlling and imperious Devon, the Duke they need to see He sees their requests as frivolous, and won t bend So Miranda brings in Plan B she s never one to step back from a challenge, and gets an overnight extension for them so she can work on him Somehow sh...

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    I loved this book, it was sassy smart, and had some naughty bits to it Devon was something else, Devon watched his new ward s pert backside rush out of the library What a damned coil Miranda Foxglove was a conniving minx, no doubt about that But she was also a hot little number He s full of himself, the once over, he said smoothly, is my only reward so far for being saddled with you two His glance flicked over her lazily I like the miniskirt Devon doesn t really have a lot of emotions but when it comes to Miranda and their naughty time the boy sure is enthusiastic, one of his hands was on her butt, cupping her, kneading her, until he finally flattened his hand against her and simply pressed her against him Devon sure is cocky, she reached for him blindly, touching the front of his wet swim trunks briefly, before his hand grabbed hers A non consenting woman, he said, his voice a rumble, doesn t grab a man where he s.vulnerable Devon shocked me at some points in the book, I left him at the hospital, a deep voice murmured in her ear He regained consciousness, and is sleeping He moved against her, and she realized, a little less drowsily, that he wasn t wearing anything but a condom He can be cold hearted, I deal with rea...

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    A delightful romp mixing old and new for some sassy fun It was a fresh mix of old is new again, sex is hot again, and strong men grappling even stronger women I m a sucker for any good tale set in Merry Old England, especially of modern Aristocracy I mean, come on My upcoming novel touches on a similar setting in a different way What I especially liked was the unusual means that bring Devon and Miranda together, her unique talents, his unique maleness So often today Men aren t really strong by virtue of doing Devon definitely did something and didn t have to boast about it I like that we need of that in real life.Their heart pounding passion for each other can leave you breathless as you want to throttle each of them for missing the obvious what was that about love being blind I enjoyed the supporting cast, the setting and elements that made what could have been a boring over the top story an enjoyable romp...

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    At first, I thought it was a regular historical romance Sorry, I did not read the full blurb It was a pleasant surprise that the story in the modern day times with the British nobility Miranda Foxglove and Shermie Foxglove have their inheritance tied in a trust with the Duke of Devonwood as the trustee They want an advance of money from the trust for different reasons, but Devon won t give them the money Miranda is pretty immature and annoying at first, but you have to love her audacious spirit I really like viewing both sides of their perception of each other Through her brazen attitude, she got than she expected It was nice to see her softer side with all Devon s family and how she fit with them perfectly Well, Devon is a wonderful seducer which he had plenty of practice But on the other hand, Devon can be cold, obnoxious and very unapproachable It was an enjoyable per...

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    ARC from NetGalley in Exchange for an honest review A cute tale about a man who takes on the world and a woman ready to take the reins in hers Both Miranda and Devon are care takers at heart, ready and willing to take on what they must in order to provide for those they love They are not always respected understood though and that s where the issue arises Devon does his duty based on love and some expectations and no one in his family thinks he s quite human Miranda takes on what she can in an attempt to ensure people love her though they already do and she can t see it Their journey of discovering who they are and what they are capable of through each other was very entertaining Loved the interaction though Miranda ki...

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    Miranda Foxglove s father has died and all her money is controlled in trust by the Duke of Devonwood, according to her father s lawyer Miranda and her step mother, Sharmie, head to England to see if they can get control of their money.Devon Percy Arlington, the Duke of Devonwood, is used to women falling over him in order to get their hands on his money and title He is ve...

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    I downloaded this novel from Netgalley without having completely read the synopsis which is why I was surprised when I realised that it was a modern historical novel Not one to read modern romance, I was than surprised at how much I loved it The characters are feisty, and interesting, the chemistry practically sizzles off the page, but there s enough of the themes and all round feeling of a historical romance, that lovers of the latter genre would be...

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    Duke of Devonwood by Carly CarsonThis story, while an excellent romance between two characters, had such confusion between time periods It could not decide whether to be a regency or contemporary romance There were elements from ...

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    At first, you may think that Duke of Devonwood is a historical romance But it is not It features a modern day tycoon who happens to be a duke and is responsible for his father s second family and now to his dism...

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