Download Build Your Own Lisp by Daniel Holden – best–

Build Your Own Lisp If You Ve Ever Wondered How To Build Your Own Programming Language Or Wanted To Learn C But Weren T Sure Where To Start, This Is The Book For You In Under Lines Of Code You Ll Start Building Your Very Own Programming Language, And In Doing So Learn How To Program In C, One Of The World S Most Important Programming Languages Along The Way We Ll Learn About The Weird And Wonderful Nature Of Lisps, The Unique Techniques Behind Function Programming, The Methods Used To Concisely Solve Problems, And The Art Of Writing Beautiful Code Build Your Own Lisp Is A Fun And Creative Journey Through A Fascinating Area Of Computer Science, And An Essential Read For Any Programmer, New Or Old

Download Build Your Own Lisp  by Daniel Holden  – best–
  • ebook
  • Build Your Own Lisp
  • Daniel Holden
  • English
  • 07 April 2019

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About the Author: Daniel Holden

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Build Your Own Lisp book, this is one of the most wanted Daniel Holden author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Build Your Own Lisp

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    This is a wonderful little book, loads of fun It s a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, since I really like to tinker with different languages and such.I liked it so much that I went ahead and translated it to Portuguese thanks to the author for making it available under a license allowing it

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    Aghh This is hovering between a did not finish at 69% and a want to read for me I might pick it up again.Basically I picked this up because I had two goals 1 I wanted to write a toy programming language for my CS50 final project, and 2 I wanted to do C Unfortunately, this book started strong but then lost a lot of steam for me Plus, I found Destroy All Software s A compiler from scratch video, which was basically the final nail in the coffin.This book has two goals, and they re admirable first, introduces people to the basic theory behind how programming languages are interpreted compiled, and, second, it teaches them C The process is very similar to Destroy All Software s video you read in some input string, you tokenize those strings according to your language, you parse them into an appropriate tree structure, and then you pipe that tree into the compilation language In the case of this book, you do all of that process input, tokenize, parse, and compile in C In Destroy All Software, he does the inputting, tokenizing and parsing in Ruby and then mysteriously wackily compiles to JAVASCRIPT what in the world I m planning to parse tokenize etc in Python and compile to C.I made serious headway with the book, but eventually found myself just pecking out 100s of lines of C without understanding what the eff was going on And the reason is that I think this book s second goal to assume it s understandable to C beginners isn t really realistic I have about 20 hours of C under my belt i.e 5 problem sets in CS50 , and I have a shaky grasp of pointers and memory allocation, and this book quickly got away from me I ended up just blindly trying stuff, but then I was well struggling with C concepts, rather than compiler concepts With the DAS video, instead, I ve switched to Python and am finding it much easier to follow now, instead of getting lost in the syntax of my parsing language, I can just focus on building a compiler.Oh yeah, and another point the author abstracts some of the tokenizing away from you with a custom built C library he wrote called mpc I m not sure about the pedagogy, but in general I don t like it when books provide custom built libraries that you need to do to work, e.g Allen Downey who I generally admire very much did this with Think Stats and it kinda killed the book for me let the reader build from the smallest building blocks Don t give us a half built contraption upon which we re meant to build that just means we spend time trying to figure out the contraption Anyway, I feel bad saying all this I think the book would be GREAT for people that are already up to speed with C Also, it s free and the author offers a lot of humor and encouragement Bah

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    i intend for 5 stars to be very rare on this goodreads account, I want 5 stars to really mean something I tell everyone to read this, type along, and knock out exercises This book probably leveled me up than any other single resource.I don t know what else to say.

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    This book which the author has put online for free is fun, quirky, and enlightening Even if you don t care about Lisp, go through it and I guarantee this book will be an edifying experience.

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