Free Impervious (City of Eldrich #1) by Laura Kirwan – best–

Impervious (City of Eldrich #1) Why Couldn T She Get Me Magic Doesn T Work On You You Re Impervious Meaghan Keele Faces Menopause With No Husband, No Kids, And A Job She Hates At Her Brother S Request, Meaghan Moves From Arizona To Pennsylvania To Help Care For Their Dying Father, Taking Over His Job As Lawyer For The Tiny Town Of Eldrich What Meaghan Doesn T Know Is That Law Was Merely Her Father S Day Job Gateways To Magical Worlds Riddle The Forests Surrounding Eldrich Unaffected By Magic Impervious Her Father Spent Decades Mediating Magical Disputes And Guarding The Human World Without His Imposing Presence, Old Enemies Are Stirring Impervious, Like Her Father, Meaghan Soon Senses That Everyone Around Her Is Keeping Secrets A Shocking Confrontation On Her First Day Of Work Quickly Clues Her In To Her New Reality Her Office Manager And Her Secretary Are Witches Jamie, Her Handsome Young Assistant, Isn T Exactly Human Eldrich City Hall Is Haunted And Meaghan Is Expected To Take Over Both Of Her Father S Jobs.Struggling To Accept Her Destiny, Meaghan Is Soon Drawn Into A Brutal Struggle In Another World And A Growing Attaction To John Smith Exiled King, Town Drunk, And Jamie S Estranged Father.And She Thought Life In Eldrich Would Be Dull Impervious Is The First Book In A Planned Seven Book Series.

Free Impervious (City of Eldrich #1)  by Laura Kirwan  – best–
  • Paperback
  • 354 pages
  • Impervious (City of Eldrich #1)
  • Laura Kirwan
  • English
  • 21 December 2018
  • 9780991302321

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About the Author: Laura Kirwan

Laura Kirwan is the author of Impervious and Publisher CEO of Burnt Barn Press, a micropublishing company A former municipal attorney, Laura grew up in Pennsylvania and now lives in Arizona.

10 thoughts on “Impervious (City of Eldrich #1)

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    I had never heard of this author but saw this book recommended on Facebook so thought well it s free so I ve nothing to lose Yes I know that so often freebies are a bit of a let down or a tease that leaves readers fuming but as I enjoy urban fantasy I was prepared to give it a go It s not a young, nubile, kick ass heroine No this is a story about a fully grown , mature woman who just happens to be confident, smart and truth be told a little lonely Well being coerced into going home to help look after her ailing father sets Meaghan on a whole new path You see the town of Eldrich is a magical gateway with supernaturals living alongside the humans there and it just so happens they need a strong presence who can mediate and when called for step up and take charge Now that s a problem as those wielding magic can get up to all sorts of nasty tricks but what if someone couldn t be forced What if someone could make a stand, rattle a few cages and all whilst not being manipulated Now that would be something wouldn t it Oh yes things are about to change in Eldrich as Meaghan like her father before her is impervious to magic I really enjoyed this book and I ve now learnt it s the first of what s planned as a seven book series This gives the author time to explore her characters and let them grow and all whilst opening up this world she has ...

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    This book was recommended to me, and I was excited to see it as a recent Kindle First pick I didn t even bother looking at the rest of the picks that month, but now I wish I had.The writing is often flat and doesn t stir much emotion The protagonists are likable, but not compelling enough to make me want to read the next in the series The two supporting characters that the book starts out with speak and behave somewhat immaturely, which was frustrating If it hadn t been for the recommendation, I might not have read further.The end was wrapped up in a way that left me feeling like the author had written herself into a corner and came up with something anything to get out of it Without giving too much away, I m thinking specifically of the character Matthew and his comment about reality falling apart.Also, I didn t appreciate the scattering of g damn throughout the book Cursing in general is not a put off to me, unless it is excessive or ubiquitous, doesn t add anything to the character or story, or if it misuses God s name ...

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    Moving from the big city to Eldrich a small rural city town to take the city attorney job should be a great job for single middle.ged old maid Small problem or two City Hall is witchcraft central and she has unknowingly been appointed Mediator of...

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    This was a strong start to a very original series I really liked the array of paranormal beings It was also nice to have the heroine be around the age of 50 I think that added a lot to her character This was a fast paced read with solid characters I ll definitely check out book 2.

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    DNF at 15% This just didn t hold my interest.

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    Outlander goes to Fairyland.

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    Real characters make similar story enjoyableImpervious by Laura Korean is the first book in a world where magical creatures love side by side with humans The world building didn t offer anything new, as there are plenty of stories of humans discovering the supernatural is using glamor to live in our world What makes this story interesting is how the main characters were so human There is family dysfunction, alcohol...

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    Interesting and charmingI have no idea why I liked this book so much It started off like a Gresham novel, then it scampered away into the Twilight Zone, Charmed, Grimm, all rolled into one But it is well written, the plot is well crafted, and I wanted desperately to know what happens nex...

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    Interesting premiseEnjoyable read it s nice to have a mature heroine in a story for once Really enjoyed it and have already bought the next one

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    I enjoyed this one

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