Reading The Winter Lord by Jaye Edgerton – best–

The Winter Lord When Erik, A Human Scholar And Amateur Mage, Sets Out To Find Alfheim, The Legendary Home Of The Light Elves, He Has Nothing To Lose His Village Suffers Under A Mysterious Unending Winter, And His Lover Died In A Hunting Accident While Trying To Find Food Erik Wants To Find A Way To End The Cold, But He Doesn T Expect A Beautiful But Winter Cursed Fey Lord Who Wants Him For His Champion And His Bedmate.Lord Therial Is An Elemental Creature, Tied To The Land, And The Elves Of His Kingdom Revere Him Like A Spoiled But Rightful Ruler A Spell Cast By A Rival Fey Locks Him And His Little Corner Of Alfheim Into A Perpetual Winter That Seems Connected To The One Afflicting Erik S Home If Erik Fails To Defeat The Enemy, Both Realms Will Remain Trapped Forever.

Reading The Winter Lord  by Jaye Edgerton  – best–
  • ebook
  • 78 pages
  • The Winter Lord
  • Jaye Edgerton
  • English
  • 13 June 2017
  • 9781627986656

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About the Author: Jaye Edgerton

Jaye Edgerton lives in Columbus, OH with three ferrets and a long suffering roommate In addition to her m m romantic fiction she writes for her local alt weekly and is working on a mainstream fantasy novel.

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    This review can be found at The Blogger Girls review site.3.5 starsAfter losing his lover in a hunting accident, Erik has nothing left to lose so he sets out to find Alfheim in the hopes of saving his people from an unending Winter Almost frozen to death, he s saved by Therial, a beautiful fey lord cursed to the same perpetual Winter With Erik s willingness, Therial makes him his champion and lover because to end the non stop Winter, Erik has to beat the very fey lord who cursed Therial to begin with.This was SUCH an interesting world I absolutely love reading about elves and the fey There s something magical and lyrical about them so I really enjoy stories that deal heavily with them In this one, Therial is the classical lord, though Arrogant and demanding but also uncaring When he meets Erik, he plans to just use him to break the curse but he doesn t expect Erik to bring out emotions and feelings in him After losing his lover, Erik doesn t care what happens next He stays with Therial because there s nowhere else he has to be but the time he spends with Therial, the the agony of his loss starts to lessen I loved that Therial started out cold and uncaring but then slowly started to thaw out and show that he can love someone other than himself At the same time, I really liked that Erik was such a broke...

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    This is okay as a light read I wish there was to the plot.

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    C A little slice of fantasy, romance and sex Perfect for when you are looking for something light and short.Erik is in desperate straights when Therial finds him and takes him home to his magical kingdom Erik is at the edge of death and has lost hope He d set out to try to find a way to end the winter that has ravaged his people and left them starving It was all he had to hold on to when he lost his lover to the dangers of their eternal winter He thinks he is saved, but he might have been better off freezing in the snow.Therial is not a nice being His selfish vanity led him to be cursed and until he found Erik he was not very bothered by much of anything At first Erik is a game, Therial is bored and Erik is a sexy break from his routine But Erik is brave, sweet and kind When Therial demands that Erik play his champion to win the breaking of the curse Erik has no choice but to agree Therial is delighted and lavishes attention and some very cold, hot sex on his new toy But Erik s steady, gentle regard and his refusal to carry grudges or hatred in his heart begin to slowly melt the heart of this frozen elemental.An enjoyable read that I found to be quiet and sweet I enjoyed the world building with elves, elementals and magical kingdoms Erik and Therial s fall into love is fun and romantic I love when men are able to express their emotions and actually talk to each other.Recommended for those who enjoy high fantasy, mythology and a quick, sexy sto...

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    To make The Winter Lord, you will need A really beautiful cover to make readers insta buy before they read the excerpt 2lb of stale tropes, including my personal favorite, It s Not Rape If He Likes It , which should be applied early on in the book to really hook your reader Make sure to throw in the Tragic Backstory to make the reader feel bad about the MC being enslaved and raped, then dismiss it when the MC has rationalized the rape and enslavement 5 or 6 sex scenes, as samey as possible, in order to pad out the page count A love interest that starts out as a Rapey Soul Stealing Overlord but is humanized by the Tragic Backstory of the MC and changed into a caring, sensitive, formally misunderstood guy by The Power Of Love A cliche self sacrifice in which nothing is actually sacrificed and everybody goes hom...

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    This was like a smutty fairy tale I don t usually go for PWP, and this is the first fantasy PWP ish ebook I ve read so far that has original characters rather than just fanfic All the other fantasy books I ve read were focused on plot Actually, I opened this ebook to take a break from the 7th installment of the Nightrunner series Shards of Time which had gotten way too serious.While I enjoyed this short tale, I couldn t help but wish it had been a full length novel with of a buildup in terms of the romance since I quite liked the chemistry between ...

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    A Joyfully Jay review 3.5 starsI have been trying to read fantasy and when I saw this gorgeous cover I snapped The Winter Lord right up I think Edgerton does a nice job here setting up the story and creating an interesting world of humans, elves, and fey The descriptions of Alfheim, the clothes, and the people were all nicely done I enjoyed the magical elements and the way the conflict tied together both the human a...

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    My favorite thing about this was its clear roots in Norse mythology.The story itself, though It started out incredibly uncomfortable Erik is still grieving his dead lover, and sets out to find Alfheim partly to help rescue his village from the magically long winter, and partly because he thinks he ll die in the attempt.Because he s grieving and suicidal, and that s really all I know about him, the sex happened WAY too quickly for me to be at all comfortable with it.A...

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    I recently received a copy of Winter Lord by Jaye Edgerton It is an enchanting mix of Norse mythology and a redeeming love story I really enjoyed the interaction of the MCs and their growth through their de...

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    A nice read with a morning cup o joe Enjoyable.

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