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The Risen Critically Acclaimed Zombie Apocalypse Horror Author, Marie F Crow, Now On Kindle Presenting The Risen Books , A Compilation Of The First Four Books Of The Risen Series These Books Are Offered In Their Entirety In This Collection Including The Cover Art For Each Book The Risen Dawning, Anniversary Edition Is The First Zombie Apocalypse Novel In The Risen Series Synopsis Helena Hawthorn Has Lived Her Entire Life In The Dark Shadow Of Her Perfect Younger Siblings, The Hawthorn Angels Now As The World Awakens To A New Horror, She Will Have To Risk Everything To Keep Them Safe Or Forever Be Haunted By The Failure To Keep Them Alive Each Day Will Bring A New Victory, Or A New Scar, As Helena Learns That The Dawn Waits For No OneWith Her Newly Bonded Family, The Local Motorcycle Club GRIT They Will Discover The World Now Holds Much Deeper Horrors For Them Than They Could Have Ever Imagined The Risen Not Only Stalk The Earth But Stalk Their Nightmares As Well The Risen Margaret Is The Second Book In The Risen Series This Is One Of Three Short Stories Based On The Risen Dawning, Anniversary Edition In This Book The Author Details The Day Of The Kindergarten Student Margaret Erikson This Story Provides The Reader With The Accounts Of The School Day That Affected Margaret And Her Eventual Meeting Of Helena Hawthorn Synopsis It S Just A Simple Shot, Right Margaret Erikson Will Ask This Question Many Times Today What Is Suppose To Be A Basic School Wide Vaccine Will Go Horribly Wrong It Is Not A Simple Shot And The Lives That Are Lost To It Will Not Become Simple Monsters The Risen Remnants Is The Third Book In The Risen Series Readers Will Find A New Cast Of Characters From The Same Region Following The Same Timeline As The Risen Dawning, Anniversary EditionThe Cast Of Remnants Provides A Compelling Story As The Reader Is Once Again Introduced To The Risen, And The Dynamics Of The Choices People Make When Confronted With Their Own Mortality In An Apocalyptic WorldThe Main Character, Beth Clark, Is A Single Mother Who, Along With Her Daughter Genny, Experience Unimaginable Horrors This Book Is Told From Beth Clark S Point Of View As She Details The Events As They Unfold Synopsis Beth Clark Lives Of The Edge Of An Abyss Everyday Is Spent Fighting For Her Survival And The Survival Of Her Teen Daughter, Genny Their Lives Have Been Shattered By A Vaccine That Was Supposed To Have Been A Modern Miracle A Vaccine That Is Turning The Living Into Monstrosities Of Their Former SelvesNow, Only Remnants Remain Of Their Past Lives Mother And Daughter Will Struggle To Survive With What This New World Holds For Them As They Discover The Dawning Of The Risen The Risen Courage Is The Second Novel And Fourth Book In The Risen Series This Book Continues The Story Presented In The Risen Dawning, Anniversary Edition Synopsis When Everything Shatters Into Madness, How Do You Pick Up The Pieces That Are Left When Your Friends Lie Bleeding Around You, Which Ones Do You Fight To Save To Find These Answers, Helena Hawthorn Will Have To Face The Ghosts That Now Walk The Halls Around Her

Free Read The Risen  By Marie F. Crow  – best–
  • Kindle Edition
  • 881 pages
  • The Risen
  • Marie F. Crow
  • English
  • 03 August 2017

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About the Author: Marie F. Crow

Marie F Crow believes that monsters should keep you up at night with the thoughts of what if stalking your mind She began writing horror after feeling the genre of zombie horror was getting too far away from actual horror, forgetting what a zombie is, and what that can mean to your world The recent advents of movies and literature have pushed the concept of the flesh eating undead too far int

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